Émile Parisien Quartet & Louis Sclavis (F)

Sat. 30.09.2017 | 19:30
Kulturzentrum Leibnitz, Hugo Wolf-Saal
Émile Parisien – soprano / tenor sax
Louis Sclavis – Clarinets
Julien Touery – piano
Ivan Gélugne – bass
Julien Loutelier – drums
Day pass Sat. 30.09.2017
2 concerts: € 29,00 / 24,00*

When talking about French jazz, one can sometimes do without wine, but never without the name Louis Sclavis. For decades, the woodwind player has been one of the Grande Nation’s leading musicians. Also outside France, the great individualist counts among the first artists on clarinets of all sizes.
The man from Lyon is a deliberate crossover artist and simply does not tire of constantly going new ways with new projects. With uncompromising openness, the 64-year-old musician reflects upon the history of occidental music as well as the development of jazz tradition and, if necessary, he quite boldly falls back on elements of French folklore, especially from Brittany and Auvergne.
The French scene’s shooting star is thirty years younger and has made a name for himself as a virtuoso stylist on the terrain between jazz, classical music, and world music. However, one can note the classical education in Émile Parisien as well as his intensive study of his instrument’s history from Sidney Bechet to Wayne Shorter. As a congenial duo with accordionist Vincent Peirani, Parisia now rushes from success to success across Europe. Most recently, the full-time Soprano saxophonist, who was awarded the Prix Django Reinhardt (2012) for best French jazz musician, caused a sensation with his new quintet which is firmly rooted in jazz by established pianist Joachim Kühn.
So, everyone has been wondering when Sclavis and Parisien would finally get down to common action. It was only in April that this long-awaited French elite liaison celebrated its acclaimed premiere at the Théâtre de Cornouaille in Paris. And now we are lucky enough to welcome this amazing band to their Austrian premiere.


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Programme overview Jazzfestival Leibnitz 2017

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Tel: +43.3452.76 506

30 September 2017

Venue: Kulturzentrum Leibnitz
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Ola Onabule Quintet (NGR/GB)
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1. Oktober 2017

Venue: Vineyard Hotel Harkamp
Die Enttäuschung (D)
Axel Dörner - trumpet, Rudi Mahall - Bassklarinette / bariton sax, Jan Roder - bass, Michael Griener - drums
Jazz brunch So, 1.10.2017
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13:00 , Konzert € 20,00 / 15,00*

Spielstätten des Internationalen Jazzfestival Leibnitz

Weinglas mit Kerze

Weingartenhotel Harkamp

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Weinglas mit Kerze

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

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Marenzikeller Leibnitz mit Kalvier

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

Bahnhofstraße 14, 8430 Leibnitz
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Weinkeller Schloss Seggau

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

Weingartenhotel Harkamp

Venues of the Internationalen Jazzfestival Leibnitz

Wine Cellar Schloss Seggau

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Vineyard Hotel Harkamp

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

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