Vintage presentation

by the vintners of the Sausal region before the concerts.

29. ans 30. September at 18:00

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz


Wine tasting: Sausal Wine Road

On 29 and 30 September starting at 18:00, the Sausal vintners invite you to taste their exquisite wines on the Sausal Wine Road in the Carl Rotky-Saal of the Kulturzentrum Leibnitz.

Ulla C. Binder
Behind theScenes

Photo exhibition opening

Exhibition opening:
Fri 29..09.2017 | 18:30 Uhr

Duration:: 29 September – 1 October

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Photo exhibition ULLA C. BINDER – Behind the Scene

The exhibition Behind the Scenes shows images and scenes most concert audiences never get to see: moments on tour, at festivals, and in the studio, captured behind the scenes or backstage.

Berlin photographer Ulla C. Binder photographs jazz in a very special, intimate way. She does not depict people, situations, and still lives during big performances, but during the moments before or after: characterised by stage fright, concentration, tension or ecstasy, exhaustion and relaxation.

At the age of 12, Ulla C. Binder is presented with her grandfather’s Leicaflex and starts experimenting with it. Along with her watercolours and sketch book, the camera accompanies her to Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart. While studying art and textile design, she works on her photographic and graphic techniques and discovers jazz as a new passion.

As a tour companion, manager, and photographer, Binder spends many years alongside musicians. She creates album artwork, takes press photographs, and creates documentaries of entire tours and of the Berlin jazz world. For five years, she observes the Elbjazz Festival in the port of Hamburg backstage, publishing an illustrated book entitled “ELBJAZZ backstage” (Nicolai Verlag) in 2014.

Ulla C. Binder is also co-founder and creative director of as well as photographer and draftswoman for the XJAZZ-Festival Berlin.

Focus B Flat – Jazz photography workshop with Ulla C. Binder
29 Sep. to 1 Oct. 2017, Retzhof Leibnitz

Sat 30.09.2017 | 18:30 Uhr

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Presentation of the Steirisches Wein- und Hügelland travel guide

Culture, nature, excursions, hiking, cycling, and culinary destinations from the wine roads in the Western Styrian Schilcher region and in Southern Styria, via the Eastern Styrian spa region to the world cultural heritage site of Graz.
Falter Verlag 2017, 440 pages, softcover;

A mountain church where colours explode; a hardly known Styrian UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. And why is the goddess Isis spreading her arms across the South Styrian wine country? – The guide book’s author, Werner Schandor, presents the most beautiful excursion destinations as well as cultural and culinary secrets to be found in Southern, Eastern, and Western Styria.

Acts & Specials 2017

Die Enttäuschung (D)

Son. 01.10.2017 | 11:00
Axel Dörner- trumpet, Rudi Mahall – Bassklarinette / Bariton Sax – Jan Roder bass, Michael Griener – drums

Ola Onabulé Quintet (NGR/GB)

Sat. 30.09.2017 | 21:30
Ola Onabule – vocals, Guillermo Hill – guitar, John Crawford – piano, Patrick Scales – bouble bass, Thomas Kafel – drums, Will Fry – Percussion

Kinderkonzert, Die Befreiung der Instrumente

Fri. 29.09.2017 | 10:00 & 15:00
Michael Ringer – Konzept / Regie / Kontrabass, Christina Scheutz – Drehbuch / Rubato, Anja Obermayer – Gesang / Klavier, Andreas Semlitsch – Ukulele

Café Drechsler (AT)

Fri. 29.09.2017 | 23:00
Uli Drechsler – tenor sax, Alex Deutsch – drums / bass, Oliver Steger – bass

Soweto Kinch (GB)

Fri. 29.09.2017 | 21:30
Soweto Kinch – alto & tenor sax / vocals, Nick Jurd – bass, Will Glaser – drums

Sexmob (US)

Fri. 30.09.2017 | 19:30
Steven Bernstein – trumpet, Briggan Krauss – alto sax, Tony Scherr –  bass, Kenny Wollesen – drums

Yves Robert Trio (F)

Thu. 28.09.2017 | 20:30

Yves Robert – trombone, Bruno Chevillon – doublebass, Cyril Atef – drums

Tori Freestone Trio (GB)

Thu. 28.09.2017 | 19:00 

Tori Freestone – tenor taxophone, Dave Manington – bass, James Maddren – drums

Spielstätten des Internationalen Jazzfestival Leibnitz

Weinglas mit Kerze

Weingartenhotel Harkamp

Flamberg 46, 8505 St. Nikolai im Sausal Route mit Googlemaps plannen
Weinglas mit Kerze

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Kaspar Harb-Gasse 4, 8430 Leibnitz Route mit Googlemaps plannen
Marenzikeller Leibnitz mit Kalvier

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

Bahnhofstraße 14, 8430 Leibnitz
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Weinkeller Schloss Seggau

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

Weingartenhotel Harkamp

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