Die Enttäuschung (D)

Son. 01.10.2017 | 13:00

Vineyard Hotel Harkamp

Axel Dörner – trumpet
Rudi Mahall – bass clarinet, bariton sax
Jan Roder – bass
Michael Griener – drums

Jazz brunch Son.01.10.2017

11:00 Jazz brunch € 48,00 / 43,00 concert + brunch
13:00 concert € 20,00 / 15,00*

The four Berlin musicians have given the combination of bass clarinet, trumpet, bass, and percussions a live try in all possible kinds of ways over the course of many years. For more than two decades, Die Untäuschung have absorbed an incredible amount of jazz history and put it into a lively performance process – musical lava, so to speak, formed by a working band still able to surprise themselves.
This band knows no yesterday and no tomorrow. Die Enttäuschung are more typical of Berlin than Berlin itself and beyond that, they are unmatched in almost every respect. Collective improvisations beyond all conventions unfold the true potential of their musical imagination and bring up the blood pressure.
A sense of decency is challenged with shameless jokes, while the very next moment an expression of sacred seriousness spreads over the musicians’ faces. And yet this band displays everything that makes jazz great. Their music is bursting with energy, everything seems to be impromptu, emanating from the present, and inspired to the roots. Generally unplugged and without any technical props.
The gentlemen Dörner, Mahall, Roder, and Griener – each for themselves a chapter of German jazz and improvisational music – draw deeply from history and sweep aside the rules of art in a virtuoso and sly (or slyly virtuosic) manner. Already legendary: their reinterpretation of all of Thelonious Monk’s compositions which Die Enttäuschung recorded with master Alexander von Schlippenbach on three CDs (Monks Casino, Intakt 2005).
Unfaltering, intense, strange, and enthusiastic, a masterpiece either way.
And the day has been saved.



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Programme overview Jazzfestival Leibnitz 2017

28 September 2017

Venue: Wine Cellar Schloss Seggau
Tori Freestone Trio (GB)
Yves Robert Trio (F)
Day pass Thu 28.09.2017
2 concerts: € 25.00 / 18.00*

29 September 2017

Venue:  Kulturzentrum Leibnitz
11:00 and 15:00
Concert for children,
The Liberation of Instruments
Concert for children Fri 29.09.2017
€ 5,00
Sexmob (US)
Soweto Kinch (GB)
Day pass Fri 29.09.2017
2 concerts: € 29,00 / 24,00*
Venue: Marenzikeller Leibnitz
Café Drechsler (AT)
Free for holders of 4- and 3-day passes as well as of day passes for 29 September.
Numbered tickets are required
Tel: +43.3452.76 506

30 September 2017

Venue: Kulturzentrum Leibnitz
Émile Parisien Quartet & Louis Sclavis (F)
Ola Onabule Quintet (NGR/GB)
Day pass Sat 30.09.2017
2 concerts: € 29,00 / 24,00*

1. Oktober 2017

Venue: Vineyard Hotel Harkamp
Die Enttäuschung (D)
Axel Dörner - trumpet, Rudi Mahall - Bassklarinette / bariton sax, Jan Roder - bass, Michael Griener - drums
Jazz brunch So, 1.10.2017
starts at 11:00 € 48.00 / 43.00 concert + brunch
13:00 , Konzert € 20,00 / 15,00*

Venues of the Internationalen Jazzfestival Leibnitz

Wine Cellar Schloss Seggau

Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Vineyard Hotel Harkamp

Marenzikeller Leibnitz

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